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Dan Semsch in Bozeman, MT has recently created a blog that posts live every Monday morning. With the years of wisdom Dan has stored up, it has been exciting to follow and read along on a weekly basis. You can follow Dan's blog by clicking this link. The Mangy Moose 

Kevin Barsotti the pastor of The Ark Church in Havre, MT released his work on Practical Pastoring. "Being called to Pastor a small or large congregation can be daunting. Learning how to be a Pastor, whether by formal training or just an Individual Call, can leave you unprepared for the day-today tasks. Kevin J. Barsotti’s “Practical Pastoring: Mentoring Growth” is the perfect ‘How To’ successfully prepare yourself for this journey. God has called Kevin to share what is on his heart with other Christian leaders. God sent him to serve as a pastor at a small nondenominational church in Havre, Montana. The former pastor of the church wrote him many letters to help him as he undertook a profession totally out of his realm of expertise. He has written this book in obedience to the Holy Spirit in order to help others who desire to be the church and expand the kingdom. I hope that you will be blessed by reading it and become a blessing to others." Practical Pastoring : Mentoring Growth "Letters from a senior pastor to a new pastor." is available for download through the link below. Practical Pastoring : Mentoring Growth (Book One)  Please feel free to write a review of the book on the kindle page after downloading. 


Larry Borud in Minot, ND has finished a book "Built to Last"

This book lays foundation of understanding for the church's call and function.  A must read for those who seek to walk step in step with the Kingdom of God.

This book can be found on


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